Large Abacus - 86cm


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This is a heavy item.

The Abacus is bright, bold and easy to handle. An ancient math learning tool and great for all early development. The abacus assists with left side brain development and logical thought development. Beads or counters are used to assist in the teaching of the result of adding and subtracting for younger children and multiplication and division for older children.

The large moving timber beads make for easy use while the height allows children to feel fully immersed in the experience. This wooden abacus will help children learn hand eye coordination, counting and colour recognition.

  • Math aid
  • Development of left side brain 
  • Large wooden beads for easy use
  • Easily transportable
  • Suitable for 2+ yrs
  • Dimensions 
  • 47 cm L x 28 cm W x 86 cm H

Requires easy assembly.



  • Suitable for 2+ years