Maths Pack 2


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This maths pack contains a range of essential maths items for the early learner. This pack introduces children to practice the essentials of maths including counting, sorting, numbers, time and much more. This pack is ideal for practice of fine motor skills and in determining different colours and shapes.

Pack includes:
1 x Number Puzzle 1-10
1 x Clock With Movable Hands
1 x Giant Sand Timer  (1 Min)
1 x Giant Sand Timer  (5 Min)
1 x Large Abacus - 86cm
1 x Balance Scales
1 x Corks - Pack of 52
1 x Natural Stones Pack

Kit components

Component Name Quantity Unit Status
318-MATH010 Number Puzzle 1-10 with Box 1 EACH In Stock
318-MATH084 Clock with Movable Hands 1 EACH In Stock
1852-0048 Large Abacus - 86cm 1 EACH In Stock
1265-0008 Corks 52 pc 1 EACH In Stock
1265-0010 Natural Stones Small Black 1 EACH

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1265-0011 Natural Stones Small Green 1 EACH In Stock
1265-0012 Natural Stones Small Assorted Colours 1 EACH In Stock
1265-0013 Natural Stones Large Black 1 EACH In Stock
1265-0014 Natural Stones Large Green 1 EACH In Stock
1265-0015 Natural Stones Large Assorted Colours 1 EACH In Stock
313-11061 Sand Timers Giant 1min Green 1 EACH

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313-11063 Sand Timers Giant 5min Blue 1 EACH

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318-SENS041 Balance Scales 1 EACH

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  • Suitable for 3+yrs