Place of Saltwater Rug 2m x 3m


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The Emro Designs Indigenous designed Place of Saltwater Rug is the perfect addition to brighten any learning area whilst creating a cosy, welcoming space for children. The rug is designed by Shara Delaney, a descendant of the Ngari Nunagal, Goenbal, Ngugi clan groups of Quandamooka Country, which is located on the east coast of Brisbane. 

The Story Behind the Design

The Yoolooburrabee ‘People of the sand and sea. Dabilbahnba (‘place of saltwater’) is themed around the representations of Quandamooka people’s knowledge, teachings, and spirituality. The importance of water is significant to her people, it ties in with our cultural beliefs and practices, the place where they source their food. This design was inspired by the patterns and colours of the sand at low tide. The memories of Shara’s dad going out to hunt mud crabs at low tide along Moongalba and the women digging the sand with our feet for eugaries (pippi shells) along the back beach on Minjerribah. We keep these cultural practices flowing into the next generation. Looking back on the dreaming creation period, Shara is influenced by the journeys of the ancestral pathways through land and sea. The knowledge rests within the land, it forms their identity as saltwater people (Goori’s).

This beautiful earthy Place of Saltwater Rug is a wonderful resource for play-based learning areas and for children to engage, connect to the stories and in turn, spark conversation. To clean the rug, spot wash with warm soapy water using a damp cloth or soft brush and airdry. The rugs can also be steam cleaned. This beautiful rug measures 2m x 3m with a 10mm pile featuring a 100% superfine polyester surface and non-slip backing.

  • For indoor use only
  • Designed by artist Shara Delaney
  • Measures 2m x 3m
  • 10mm pile
  • 100% superfine polyester surface & non-slip backing



  • Suitable All Ages


  • 2 m


  • 3 m

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