A3 Light Panel - Black - V2


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  • Our Light panels will inspire children’s explorations and encourage problem solving using inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching, and investigating. Using resources that inspire scientific investigations, the light panel will invite children to examine the physics of light, shadow, refraction and prisms.
    • Light panels also encourage children’s analysis of found objects and new discoveries from the natural world. These discoveries can be fully researched with the inclusion of magnifying glasses and weight scales.
    • Encouraging group participation, supporting social learning as children work cooperatively to experiment, investigate and share discoveries.  

        • Educational tool
        • Safe
        • Lightweight & portable
        • Adjust the brightness
        • Available in various shapes & sizes
        • Features black frame with ruler markings
        • 12V 1A Adapter
        • Suitable for 2+ yrs
      • Dimensions 
      • A3 Size: 29.7 cm L x 42 cm W

      • Instructions
    • The light panel has three light level settings, low, medium, and high. Tap the power button once for the lowest light setting, twice for medium and three times for the highest setting. To turn off the light panel tap and hold down the power button for three seconds.



  • Suitable for 2+yrs


  • 29.7 cm


  • 42 cm