Artista Modelling Dough Class Pack - 6pk


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  • Let the children get creative with our Arista Modelling Dough.
  • This safe, non-toxic and washable dough is a fantastic resource for the early years and for developing fine motor skills, encouraging creativity and playtime!
  • Children can create endless structures and enjoy the calming sensory experience with this perfect-textured soft-feeling dough.
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Encourage creativity
  • Promote playtime
  • Safe non toxic and washable
  • Re-usable tub for storage
  • Made in Australia
  • Suitable for ages 1+ 
  • 6 Pack contains
  • Blue, green, orange, purple, red & yellow
  • Weight
  • 900g each colour

    Kit components

    Component Name Quantity Unit Status
    72-DOUGH900RE Artista Modelling Dough 900GM - Red 1 EACH In Stock
    72-DOUGH900YE Artista Modelling Dough 900GM - Yellow 1 EACH In Stock
    72-DOUGH900BL Artista Modelling Dough 900GM - Blue 1 EACH In Stock
    72-DOUGH900GR Artista Modelling Dough 900GM - Green 1 EACH In Stock
    72-DOUGH900PU Artista Modelling Dough 900GM - Purple 1 EACH In Stock
    72-DOUGH900OR Artista Modelling Dough 900GM - Orange 1 EACH In Stock



    • 900g

    Suitable for Age

    • 1 + yrs

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