Earth Felt Pack - 37pc


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The Earth Felt Pack 37pc is a wonderful play set for children’s open-ended play.  

Children will have endless hours of exploring, sorting into sizes, stacking, balancing, counting, arranging, and incorporating the felt pieces into small world play environments. Not only does the Earth Felt Pack encourage imaginative and creative play, it also assists with the development of hand-eye coordination and logical thinking as children use their fine motor skills as they arrange, balance, and stack the pieces together. All hand-stitched and dyed with non-toxic colourfast dyes the Earth Felt pieces will be loved by all.

These multi-sensory pieces are made from 100% wool and are handcrafted from Nepal.

  • Indoor use only
  • Set includes 37 pieces
  • Great for sorting, stacking, balancing, counting, small world play & more
  • Made from 100% wool felt
  • Handcrafted from Nepal
  • Made with non-toxic colourfast dyes
  • Sutiable for 3+
  • Dimensions
  • Stacking Pebbles 7-16 cm D x 3-4 cm H. Overall height 20 cm
  • Nested Bowls 9-22 cm D x 6-11 cm H 
  • Cubes 8 cm L x 8 cm W x 8 cm H
  • Pyramids 8 cm L x 8 cm W & 7-8 cm H
  • Balls 5 cm D
  • Balls Varied  L 20 cm D, M 13 cm D, S 10 cm D, xS 7 cm D
  • Please note
  • Dimensions are approximate

Kit components

Component Name Quantity Unit Status
167-P-P802 Earth Felt Cubes - 7pc 1 EACH In Stock
167-P-P819 Earth Felt Pyramids - 7pc 1 EACH In Stock
167-P-P823 Earth Felt Balls 5cm - 7pc 1 EACH In Stock
167-P-P643 Earth Felt Stacking Pebbles - 5pc 1 EACH In Stock
167-P-P644 Earth Felt Nested Bowls - 7pc 1 EACH

Available Soon

167-P-P555 Earth Felt Balls Varied - 4pc 1 PACK In Stock



  • Suitable for 3+yrs