Felt Babushka Set of 5 - Blue


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  • As Babushka is Russian for grandmother, the inclusion of the felt Babushka dolls is a wonderful way to bring an element family, culture and heritage to the play space. These beautifully handcrafted dolls will inspire social learning through dramatic and imaginative play. 
  • Nestled among the cushions of a book corner, lined up on a window sill, added to a dramatic play space or made available on an open shelf, the Babushka dolls will engage children of all ages. 
  • By lining the dolls up, children can explore simple mathematical investigations such as size differentiation and quantity.
      • Made from felt, the five dolls have a soothing soft texture when held and can be used not only as a play toy but as a calming aid. 
      • Encourage open play 
      • Foster family, heritage and culture 
      • Fair Trade toy
      • Handcrafted by skilled crafts people of Nepal
      • Made from 100% wool
      • Dyed with non-toxic colourfast dyes
      • Suitable for 3+ years

      • Dimensions
        Range from 6 cm up to 18 cm 

      • Please note
      • Slight variations in sizing, colours and design may occur due to the hand crafted nature of the product.



    • Suitable for 3+ years