Latin American Baby Boy Doll - Not Clothed


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  • This beautiful range of dolls depicting world cultures will engage children’s imaginative and social explorations. Children will be introduced to concepts of diversity as they identify cultural and physical similarities and explore the differences.
  • Taking on the adult roles, children can bathe and dress the dolls as they practice being gentle with a newborn. This style of play can support children’s preparations for life changes as they await the birth of their sibling. Here, children can practice how to express their feelings with clarity.
  • Made in Spain from high quality materials
  • Slightly-perfumed giving them a newborn baby smell
  • Dolls can be easily washed and bathed
  • Soft and flexible to touch
  • Dolls available in 5 different ethnicities: European, African, Asian and Latin-American, and Indigenous Australian
  • Suitable for ages 3+ years
  • Dimensions
  • 38 cm
  • Please note 
  • Doll is not clothed



  • 38 cm


  • Suitable for 3+yrs