Loose Parts Stacking Wooden Trays - Set of 4


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Explore the endless possibilities of open-ended play with the Loose Parts Stacking Wooden Trays. These versatile, deep square trays are designed to be divided into varying compartments, inspiring children to categorise and arrange their findings in simple and engaging ways. Whilst engaging in sorting and loose parts activities, children can challenge their fine motor skills and cognitive thinking, making the trays an ideal addition to learning environments.  

Plastic feet on the bottom of each tray provide a snug fit when stacked, allowing for various arrangements and tiered orientations, ensuring endless possibilities for exploration and creativity. The fully stacked set measures 38 cm L x 38 cm W x 23 cm H and is suitable for ages 2 and above.


Set of 4 wooden stackable sorting trays

Made from high-quality solid wood

Great for fine motor & sorting activities

Can be used to store loose parts

Plastic feet to provide a snug fit when stacked

Various arrangements & tiered orientations

Suitable for 2+ yrs



Fully stacked set measures 38 cm L x 38 cm W x 23 cm H




  • 38 cm


  • 38 cm


  • 23 cm


  • Suitable for 2+yrs