Magnetic Marbles in Tub - Pack of 100


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The Magnetic Marbles are a great teaching tool for introducing the fascinating world of magnetism. Children will have fun experimenting with the laws of attraction and understanding how forces are drawn together. Foster the magic in the children's imaginations with this science-based approach to the laws of attraction. The attracting or repelling aspect of the magnets are a wonderful way for children to experience the pull of the force, enjoy making shapes once connected to each other and suspend from the air to demonstrate the power of the magnets. 

  • 100 marbles 
  • 10 fun colours 
  • Magnets encased in plastic 
  • Teaching aid
  • Tub included 
  • Suitable for age 3+

  • Dimensions
  • 1.5 cm Dia.
  • Please note
  • Adult supervision is always required.
  • These are strong magnets and can cause medical issues if digested.



  • 1.5 cm

Suitable for Age

  • 3 + yrs