Natural Leaves - Pack of 90


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Discover nature’s beautiful Autumn leaves, perfect for a range of children’s artistic and educational activities. This pack includes 90 leaves in a variety of rich Autumn hues. These leaves are not only excellent tools for a wide array of artistic activities, but also serve as a valuable resource for young learners. They can assist in teaching children about Earth’s seasons, offering a tangible way for children to connect with the changing seasons and deepen their understandings of the world around them.


Set includes 90 leaves

Great for art activities, counting, sorting & teaching of the seasons

Variety of rich Autumn hues

Packaged in a reusable calico drawstring bag

Sourced ethically as by-products of timber harvesting

Country of origin: China

Suitable for ages 1+ years



Each leaf sized approximately between 6-10 cm L



  • 6-10 cm L


  • Suitable for 1+yrs