Numbers 0-9 Small Stencil Set 10


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The Numbers 0-9 Stencils set features a pack of 10 stencils ranging from 0-9, providing an engaging way for young children to delve into drawing, painting, and printing while exploring the unique shapes of the numbers. Children can trace the outlines of each number using crayons, pencils, paints, and other creative mediums. This hands-on approach promotes fine motor skills and creative expression. The stencils are versatile, making them ideal for both art rooms and classrooms, a valuable tool for enhancing early maths and creativity. 

Crafted from thick, durable plastic, the stencils are built to withstand frequent use. Measuring 11 cm L x 9 cm W, they are easy to clean and will maintain their shape for many years to come. This set includes 10 stencils for young learners to explore, create and learn through play.


Includes 10 stencils

Includes numbers ranging from 0-9

Hands-on learning

Assist with the development of early maths skills

Promotes fine-motor skills & creativity

Can be used with a variety of mediums including, pencils, paints, crayons & more

Crafted from durable plastic

Easily wiped clean



11 cm L x 9 cm W



  • 11 cm


  • 9 cm