NYDA Echidna Ball Large 15cm Yellow


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The Echidna Ball is great for children, with soft spikes and light weight, the ball is a fun and stimulating sensory ball. Children of all ages can benefit from balls in playing and learning environment. Balls assist to enhance tactile, fine and gross motor skills, encourages crawling, grasping and coordination, develops balancing through kicking, catching and throwing while developing social skills when in a team environment. When using the ball in a team environment children will experience and learn valuable life skills of being in a team and working towards a common goal while subsequently handling victories and defeats.

  • 15cm diameter
  • Develop gross & fine motor skills
  • Build hand eye coordination
  • Encourage social skills
  • Life skill lessons
  • Suitable for all ages

  • Dimensions
  • 15 cm D



  • 15 cm

  • Suitable for all ages