Pre-Cut Paper Hands Coloured - Pack of 50


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The Paper Hands are a lot of fun and children will enjoy adding their own individual flair to their cut out. Decorating options include paint, pom poms, stems, feathers, and glitter and pasting, exploring creativity helps a child’s development of artistic expressions. When including the hands in activity, topics for discussion can include community and social settings and the child’s importance in it. A healthy self-esteem and feelings of belonging are important for children as it helps them to learn about themselves and builds self-confidence for them going forward in their lives.

  • Pack of 50 
  • 120gsm
  • 6 colours 
  • FSC
  • Independent & group activity
  • Suitable for age 3+
  • Colours include
  • Sky blue, lilac, lipstick, lime, orange and yellow
  • Dimensions
  • 17 cm W x 17.5 cm H 



  • 17 cm


  • 17.5 cm

Suitable for Age

  • 3 + yrs