Scandi Kitchen - 3 in 1 Unit


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This is a heavy item.

Children will love role play with our child size replica of a Scandi inspired kitchen. A unit designed to encourage dramatic play, which is such an integral part of children's development as pretend play helps build social skills and cognitive expression.

The Scandi Kitchen has mock hotplates, bench space, sink and shelving. All these true to life features put children in charge of their own story, giving them the freedom and independence to role play and mimic as they wish. 

  • Encourages pretend play 
  • Build social skills 
  • Enhances cognitive expression
  • Mock hotplates and sink
  • Scandi design 

  • Dimensions
  • 106cm L x 38 cm W x 63 cm H 

Assembly Tips
We recommend using someone experienced in assembling flat packed furniture to assemble this item. 

Kit components

Component Name Quantity Unit Status
1877-0011-CTN1 Home Corner Unit 63cm H - CTN1 3 1 EACH In Stock
1877-0011-CTN2 Home Corner Unit 63cm H - CTN2 3 1 EACH In Stock
1877-0011-CTN3 Home Corner Unit 63cm H - CTN3 3 1 EACH In Stock


Suitable for Age

  • 3 + yrs