See Through Rainbow Blocks - 24pc


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  • Set of 24 wooden blocks with transparent, coloured acrylic inserts
  • Made from durable plywood
  • 6 different shapes - squares, rectangles, semi-circles and right angled triangles
  • 4 transparent colours - pink, blue, green, yellow

Whether building with the Rainbow Blocks or looking through them,children engage their inherent creative and inquiry skills.  During the construction and block selection process, children are exploring simple mathematical concepts of shape, balance and size differentiation. 

Through continued construction and exploration, children can view the changes in colour as pieces are placed together and observe the effects of light and diffraction as colourful shadows are cast. 


  • Small Circle 5cm D
  • Large Semi-Circle 10cm D
  • Square 5cm L
  • Rectangle 10cm L and 5cm W
  • Large Regular Triangle 10cm L
  • Right Angle Triangle 11cm L x 5cm W x 10cm H
  • Each block edge thickness is 1cm and height is 2.5cm


Suitable for Age Group

  • 3 - 4 years
  • 4 years +