Translucent Tiles - 300pc


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The Translucent Tiles are clear and square in shape consisting of 300 counters in a mix of 6 different colours. These are a wonderful STEAM product as children can play with the tiles on a light panel or box, also perfect for learning basic math concepts. Children can advance their fine motor skills while learning sorting, counting, classifying, colours and patterning through active play. There are 100 of 25mm counters and 200 of 19mm counters. Includes a jar for storage. Suitable for ages 3 and above.

  • Ideal STEAM product and wonderful on light panels or boxes
  • Great for learning basic mathematical concepts
  • Includes 300 counters in a mix of 6 colours
  • 100 of 25mm counters & 200 of 19mm counters
  • Storage jar with lid & carry handle included
  • Suitable for ages 3+



  • 25 mm


  • Suitable for 3+yrs