3 Panel Weaving Frame


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  • Versatile Weaving Frame.
  • Made from New Zealand Pine.
  • Weaving mesh is made from sturdy string
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Double sided hinges allows frame to swing both ways which increases usability.
  • Suitable for 3+ yrs

Weaving is a traditional art activity for children to enjoy.

Weaving brings children together in a collaborative learning activity and provides a unique experience that ignites curiosity and imagination.

As they weave, children learn patterning, critical thinking skills and problem solving. They learn to coordinate their eyes, hands and minds.Children can experiment with a variety of weaving materials from silks and ribbons to more natural materials. Weaving is fun, challenging, and it enjoys a long, historic tradition across world cultures.

Our versatile weaving frames can be used as an individual or group craft activity.  Use the frames tocreate different themed back drops to your play spaces or even as a divider in your room.



  • Suitable for 3+ years