Blackboard Road Track Set - 76pc


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This Wooden Blackboard Road Track set has been designed to give children the freedom to create your very own road and transport play experience.
When children work to construct any design of their own, they are exercising the frontal lobe which is key to their development of problem solving, planning and organising.
Made with blackboard finish the track set enables the children to draw their own lines on the road and set up a range of traffic scenarios, including round-a-bouts, dead ends, corners and curves. 
When incorporated with toy people, cars, buildings and road signs, it allows the children to bring the broader world into their learning space. 

  • 76 pieces 
  • Frontal lobe development
  • Multiple construction combinations
  • Light weight 
  • Durable
  • Suitable for 2+ yrs
  • Set includes
  • Pack of chalk 
  • Duster 
  • Dimensions
  • 36 cm longest piece
  • 12 cm  W x  1 cm H 



  • Suitable for 2+ years