Wooden Pull Back Racing Car - Set of 8


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The fun Pull Back Racing Cars are perfect size for small hands, they are easy to pull back and let go to have them zip forward.
By playing with small toy cars build a child's fine motor skills. They develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity in both their hands as kids pick up, carry, throw, push and pull small toy cars around. Fine motor skills are vital. These skills are built upon each other.
Each racing car features a coloured, heat-transferred design which transfers seamlessly to the vehicles. 

  • Box set of 8
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Improve dexterity
  • Works best on hard surfaces
  • Suitable for 3+ years 
  • Set includes
  • 2 x Yellow
  • 2 x Blue
  • 2 x Red
  • 2 x Green
  • Dimensions
  • 10 cm L x 2.5 cm W x 5.5 cm H 
  • Width including wheels 4.5 cm



  • 10 cm


  • 4.5 cm


  • 5.5 cm


  • Suitable for 3+yrs