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This pack includes 3 x Lions and a presentation box.

These lifelike animals add an element of realism to imaginary play spaces. Through engaging spaces, children are able to explore a variety of animal environments.

The animals will encourage children’s understanding of animal names, temperaments and their natural habitat.  The inclusion of natural elements such as grasses, logs and soils will inspire children’s explorations and imaginative role play.

About Lions
Lions are large felines that are traditionally depicted as the "king of the jungle." These big cats once roamed Africa, Asia and Europe. However, now they are found in only two areas of the world and are classified into two subspecies. Asiatic lions live in India's Gir Forest; African lions live in central and southern Africa. Though they look similar, these two subspecies are very different in size, habitat, diet and more. Asiatic lions tend to be much bigger.

Male lions are generally larger than females and have a distinctive mane of hair around their heads. The mane's function is to make the male look more impressive to females and more intimidating to other males. The mane also protects the male's neck during fights over territory or mating rights.

African lions eat large animals that they find in the grasslands, including antelopes, zebras and wildebeest. Asiatic lions eat large animals as well, such as goats, nilgai, chital, sambhar and buffaloes. They are also known to eat smaller animals.

Lions are very social cats and live in groups called prides. At 3 to 4 years old, males and females are ready to mate. The female has a gestation period of around four months. She will give birth to her young away from others and hide the cubs for the first six weeks of their lives.

Suitable for ages 3 + years.

Adult Male Lion: 11.5 x 4 x 7 cm
Adult Female Lioness: 9 x 2.5 x 4 cm
Lion Cub: 7 x 2 x 4 cm