Wooden Tableware - Set of 52


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This Wooden Tableware Set has been designed to replicate dinner sets that can be found in many home kitchens. Children will be role playing a multitude of activities that go into meal preparation including chopping, table setting, food seasoning and even high tea! Role play of this type leads to heightened empathy for others as they gain insight into what it would feel like to really do these activities for themselves and others. Made from beautiful wood the dining ware has representation of both Eastern and Western cultural uses of table settings. The beautiful wooden eastern and western dinnerware set includes the following:

4 x Plates (13cm D)
4 x Bowls (6.5cm D)
4 x Cups (5cm D)
4 x Saucers (8.5cm D)
4 x Forks (12cm)
4 x Knives (14cm)
4 x Spoons (10cm)
4 x Chopsticks
4 x Chopstick Rest
1 x Chopping Board
1 x Teapot
1 x Salt Shaker
1 x Pepper Shaker
1 x Soy Sauce Bottle
1 x Large Knife (19cm)
1 x Large Spatula
1 x Large Spoon
1 x Frypan with Lid
1 x Saucepan with Lid

Suitable for 3+ yrs



  • Suitable for 3+ years