Women Travelling Indigenous Overalls - 38cm


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The Women Travelling Overalls is a beautiful Indigenous designed set of clothing for dolls. The overalls are perfect for little hands as they have been made without Velcro, zips or clips. They have stretchy elastic straps making dressing dolls easy. 

    • Authentic Indigenous artwork
    • Child-friendly
    • Elastic neckline
    • Free of velcro, zips or clips
    • Handmade in Australia
    • Suitable for 3+ years
    • Designed to fit dolls 34-38cm

    • About the Artist & Design Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa
    • The artwork is an authentic Indigenous design by Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa. Born on an Aboriginal owned cattle station, Yuelamu, in the Northern Territory and working as a teacher’s assistant, she began painting in 1981.

    • This painting represents the travels of many groups of women during Tjukurpa in a region known as Yarrungunyi, on Mount Doreen Station west of Yuendumu. All of the different "skin" groups are represented, their camp sites being the circles, and the connecting lines the route of their journeys of creation. This is Maureen’s mother’s country.

      • Maureen has been an Artist in Residence at the Mulgara Gallery in Yulara (Uluru- Ayers Rock).



        • Suitable for 3+ years